With 6 grass courts and 3 hard courts, the club offers international level tennis facilities. The hard courts are equipped with proper lighting to allow play after dark.


  1. All members shall maintain discipline and refrain from using abusive language at all times.
  2. All members shall give due respect to the senior members on and off courts at all times.
  3. All members are informed that Court No., is allocated to children from 02:30PM to 09:00PM.
  4. Court No. 02-03 is allocated to senior members from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.
  5. All members are informed that a senior member will be given due preference in case of a queue.
  6. All members shall pay the following only through signed vouchers:
  1. All members are requested to take care of their belongings and valuables at all times. Club’s Management shall not be responsible for any loss.
  2. All members shall follow the dress code of Tennis Courts at all times and wear non-marking tennis shoes. No other types of shoes are allowed on Hard Courts.
  3. All members are informed that ‘SMOKNG ON HARD COURTS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED’.
  4. Coaching Fee of Rs.2800/Month for playing ½ Hour is to be paid through signed vouchers.
  5. Light charges per member are Rs. 150/Hour.
  6. All members shall inform the Secretary Tennis of any issues relating to members and/or staff.


It has hosted several National and International Tournaments including ITF fixtures.


Secretary Tennis