Royal Banquet Hall

Classic interiors with huge windows allowing natural light, the Royal banquet hall can host up to 70 guests at a time.

Contact Person: 

Sabir Butt                             Assistant Manager

Muhammad Sohail             Banquet Coordinator

Telephone 35756690-95      Ext 325 / 35750305

Rose Hall

Jasmine Hall


Policy / Procedure of Party Booking

There is an undertaking that has to be signed by the member for party booking in party halls.

  1. The party being booked by me is for myself & personal guests and family.
  2. The above booking is not for an engagement, valima, nikkah, wedding, birthday, aqeeqa, exhibition, dance or musical program, etc nor there would be any speeches or any political discussions.
  3. There will be no party coverage by electronic media.
  4. Not more then 75 guests will be invited without approval of convenor f&b.
    non-refundable hall charges to be deposited at hall booking time.
    party payments 50% at booking time, balance 50% at least 24 hours before party.
  5. No member shall be allowed to entertain any guest in the club without himself being present in the club and no member shall authorized non-member to entertain guests on his behalf.
  6. No out side carting or food will be arranged in the club, nor any club food can be taken out from room / hall.
  7. No professional pictures or videos will be taken in the club.
  8. No musical private prog: will be held and no video film or still pictures will be screened in the party room/ hall.
  9. Party room / hall will be vacated at a particular time.
  10. The participants in this party will abide by the club dress regulation (smart causal), entry of children under 5 years of age and domestic servants not allowed.
  11. No guest will be invited who is not socially at par with the member of the club or not properly dressed.
  12. For violation of any of the above clauses permanent membership shall be converted to regular & regular membership shall be suspended for 6 months.
  13. That repeated violation by a member may result in termination of membership.
  14. Party may be cancelled 24 hours in advance in writing, otherwise party will be charged fully.
  15. Corporate members / companies can use public system / mic with 30% extra charges . other facility if required will be allowed at extra charges with the approval of convener f&b.