20+ Lockers
20+ Sitting Capacity


The Lahore Gymkhana boasts two wooden floored, glass wall air-conditioned courts along with spacious seating capacity and adequate lighting. These courts have been venues for several national and international tournaments including the World Open Squash Championships. Another set of two equally good solid wall courts, with wooden flooring and air conditioned environment are also available for members and their families. Each of the two sets of the squash court has ancillary facilities of showers, changing rooms and lockers.

Rules / Instructions

Courts have been designated as:

Court No. 3 Court No. 4
Court No. 1 Court No. 2

Use Of Courts

  • Courts No. 1 & 2

These are primarily for Permanent / Regular / Non – Earning Members. Members Children can use these courts in case they are vacant. Non – Earning Members cannot book these courts.

  • Courts No. 3 & 4

These courts are primarily for Members Children. Permanent / Regular members can also use these courts. However, Court No. 4 will have priority for Women players.

Use Of Foot wear
Players are requested to change their shoes prior to entering the squash court to play. Only squash playing / non-marking shoes for indoor sports can be used in the courts. Shoes used for other sports or black soled shoes would not be allowed.

Booking of Courts
The booking will be for 45 minutes. Members are requested to book their name – slot in advance with the Marker. Bookings will be made either by phone / personally by 15:00 hours on the same day, or by entering in the booking register a day before. If a member does not show up in ten minutes of the booking time, his / her booking shall stand cancelled and other members will be given a chance to use the court but only for the remaining 35 minutes. A member can book a court not more than three (03) times in a week.


  • Members are not allowed to play for more than 45 minutes in case of a queue.
  • Members wishing to play on daily payment basis would be charged @ Rs.200/- per day.
  • Member’s guests can only play after paying necessary dues @ Rs.300/- per day.
  • Foreign guests of Members shall be charged @ Rs.500/- per day.
  • Rs. 200/- would be charged for playing with the Marker / Coach. Minimum charges of Rs. 100/- would be levied if the play is less than 30 minutes.
  • All games are to be watched quietly as the players are likely to lose concentration in an event of disturbance / noise.
  • When requested please produce / show membership card(s) to the Marker. It should not be taken as an insult / offence as this exercise is to prevent non – members using the courts.
  • No Card No Service rule applies for using bar items or eateries.
  • For any suggestion / complaints please contact the Captain or Secretary Squash.

Provision For Women

  • Court No. 4 is allocated to women players.
  • Racket + Balls shall be provided.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Only ASB approved paint will be used for the front walls of Court No. 1 & 2.
  • Courts will be cleaned both in the morning and evening.
  • Floors will be cleaned with towels soaked in hot water and vinegar mixture after properly rinsing the towel.
  • No polish / oil etc. will be used on the floors.

Members are requested to maintain discipline, exhibit sportsman spirit and comply with the rules prescribed above. Marker is authorized to prevent a member from playing in case of any violation of the above-mentioned rules / instructions.



Timings (All Year)

Day Morning Evening
Monday-Saturday 06:00-08:00 14:00-20:45
Sunday As Per Club Managements Policy

Rules for playing seeding matches
(Permanent / Regular / Non – Earning Members)

  1. A seeding of the Top 15 Players will be maintained on the seeding board.
  2. Any Permanent / Regular / Non – Earning member wanting to enter the seeding car has to challenge the # 15lh ranked player and win.
  3. Every player on the board can challenge another player a step or two steps higher.
  4. A player can challenge only one player at a time.
  5. For this a player has to inform the marker of the challenge and enter their name on the challenge sheet mentioning who they have challenged. It is the duty of the challenger to inform the marker as well as the challenged player. The challenged player has to agree to a date and play the match within 10 days from the date of challenge.
  6. If a player who is challenged is already challenged by another player, then the challenger has to wait till the first match is played. Challenge Sheet shall be considered to determine limitation.
  7. If a match is not played within the stipulated time period, the challenger needs to claim a walk over after lapse of 10 days and within 15 days from the date of challenge otherwise the challenge would be considered null and void.
  8. If a player who wins and ascends in seeding, he / she has to wait 2 days before further challenging any top ranked player to provide time for a lower ranked player to challenge him / her.
  9. The losing player of the challenge match can re-challenge the same player after gap of 15 days from the previous match.
  10. If for any reason the challenged player is unable to play within 10 days due to some reasons, both players with mutual consent can in that case provide an extra time of 2 days, not exceeding 12 days in total from the date of the challenge.
  11. All seeding matches shall be played in presence of a referee which can be appointed with mutual consent of the players. Otherwise the marker shall be the referee. Decisions taken by the referee during the match will be final and players will be advised to accept these without any arguments.
  12. All seeding matches shall be played as a set of Best of Five (5) games.
  13. All seeding matches shall be played in a 11 points game, in case both players mutually agree they can play a 15 points game or a 9 points game.
  14. All seeding matches shall be played with a Double Dot Yellow ball, in case both players mutually agree they can play it with a Single Dot Yellow ball.
  15. Only Marker has the prerogative to change the seeding plates when necessary.
  16. All seeding matches shall remain suspended during the Month of Ramadan and Tournaments.
  17. In case of any dispute, the matter shall be referred either to the Captain Squash oi Secretary Squash.