Dress Regulations

DRESS RULES: (Rule-12-Page-9 of Bye-Laws)

Members must adhere to the Club Dress Regulations as laid down below. Members or their guests not properly dressed would not be allowed to use the Club.


Main Dining Room & Lounge:

  1. Kameez (Collar/Band) with Shalwar alongwith Achkan / Sherwani / Waist Coat /Coat (Carrying the Waist Coat, Coat on hand or hanging it on the arm of the chair / sofa, etc. is not permitted).
  2. Lounge Suit or combination.
  3. Trousers and Shirt with Collar / Bush-shirt / Safari Suit.
  4. Formal Shoes or Moccasins with socks.
  5. Band shirt and Turtle neck shirt with trousers not allowed.
  6. Sports shirts (of any type) are not allowed in the Lounge/Main Dining Room.
  7. Joggers not allowed.
  8. Wearing of Jeans irrespective of the colour, is not allowed in Main Dining Room and Lounge [the Jeans are defined as trousers with 2 x front / back pockets or on both sides, with the seams and other points of stress reinforced with thick cotton thread / small copper rivets].
  9. Girls wearing laggings made of Jean Cloth are allowed.

Note:        After Sunset wearing of necktie, is mandatory in Main Dining Room & Lounge.


Chandni, Family, Café 9 & Terrace:

  1. Members are expected to wear decent (formal / informal) dress. Smart casual dress be preferred.
  2. Trousers and Shirt, Shalwar and Kameez (Collar or Band) properly pressed & Safari Suit.
  3. Jeans may be worn with Half/Full Sleeves Shirt/Bush Shirt/Tucked in Polo Shirt. T-shirt without collar and untucked shirts/polo shirts are not permitted.
  4. Shoes / Moccasins with socks, Peshawari / Kohati chappals and brown / black sandals with back straps are allowed.
  5. Kurta with Shalwar / jeans / trousers is not allowed except for ladies.
  6. Cargo Trousers, Untucked Shirts, Jogging/Track Suits, Shorts / Bermudas are not allowed.
  7. Children under 10 years of age are exempted in Chandni and Family Café.

Note:        Guests and Children under 10 years of age are not allowed in Café 9.


Card Room:

  • Kameez / Kurta with Shalwar
  • Lounge Suit or combination.
  • Trousers and Shirt / Bush-shirt / Safari Suit.
  • Jeans may be worn with Half/Full Sleeves Bush Shirt/Tucked in Polo Shirt.
  • Shoes / Moccasins, Peshawari chappals, sandals with straps.
  • T-shirts without collar is not allowed.
  • Kurta / Kameez with Jeans / Trousers is not allowed.



Members and their guests are expected to wear decent/smart casual dress (Pant Shirt / Shalwar Kameez with Waist Coat). Members or their guests not properly dressed will not be allowed to use the Club.

Following dresses are not allowed in the above mentioned places in the Club:

·        Un-tucked Shirts

·        Tracksuit

·        Shabby dress irrespective of the combination.

·        Slippers and Bermuda shorts.

.        No other Cap except Jinnah Cap.


 GUEST RULES: (Rule-11-Page-8 of Bye-Laws)

  1. Only Permanent and Regular Members may introduce guests, for dining purpose only, be they local, outstation or foreigners, provided they are not more than four at a time from Monday to Friday. No guest/s are allowed on Saturday and Sunday. The Committee may determine the guest charges, may enhance them from time to time and may also impose restriction on inviting guests on certain places and days of the week. However, this restriction will not apply to playing on golf course by members of other Golf Clubs / foreigners against payment of green fee and when a member reserves a Banquet Hall or a Party Room for his/her exclusive use.
  2. A guest must be personally introduced by a Member and the Member shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her guest/s within the Club premises.
  3. Breach of any of the Bye-laws by the guests will render the introducing Member liable to disciplinary action.
  4. Charges Rs. 200/- Per Guest.